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Calling Musicians, Dancers & Variety Acts; Cambridge Buskers and Street Performers Festival is back AT Strawberry Fair!

On Midsummer Common Saturday 11th June 2022

Cambridge is a city of music and festivals and busking is a vibrant and important part of that.

We want to encourage street performers from the Cambridgeshire area to take part in a festival that brings visitors in to the city to enjoy the amazing array of talent that we have in Cambridge.

The Cambridge Buskers and Street Performers Festival organisers has, in recent years, joined forces with the famous Strawberry Fair and this year is no different!

On Saturday 11th June on Midsummer Common, Cambridge, Cambuskers will provide a showcase for Busking talent on the largest covered stage at Strawberry Fair, the famous Portland Ballroom.

We would like to thank Cambridge Bid and Pharminox Isolation Ltd. for financial support and Strawberry Fair itself without whom the event would not be possible.

Cambuskers Community Group are now taking applications from street performers for the 2022 event. So, if you think you have talent and want to showcase your act you can enter here:

Application Form

Closing date for applications is the 18th May 2022.

Should we be inundated with applications, priority will be given to local acts.



The aim of the Cambuskers Community Group is to celebrate and embrace all the talent and culture we have in the city and to highlight the Street Performers Code of Practice throughout the festival. This code of conduct aims to ensure that businesses, residents and visitors can enjoy a time honoured tradition which goes back to medieval times, when wandering minstrels and bards travelled from place to place and acted not only as entertainers, but also as news reporters and message bearers.

Cambuskers bring music and dance to the streets of Cambridge!




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